Pune Bengaluru Highway : Furniture On Sale Causes Traffic Congestion Near Baner

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Pune Bengaluru Highway : Furniture On Sale Causes Traffic Congestion Near Baner

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On November 30th, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) took decisive action by demolishing numerous unauthorized furniture showrooms and other shops along the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway on the Baner-Pashan side. However, a new predicament has arisen as the affected shop and showroom owners have resorted to selling their remaining inventory on the roadside. This impromptu business venture is contributing to severe traffic congestion and jams, as eager customers haphazardly park their vehicles on the highway to make purchases.

A viral video showcases the aftermath of the demolitions, with a multitude of vehicles, including two-wheelers and four-wheelers, occupying the highway space. This has led to significant traffic and commuting issues for the general public.

The PMC’s demolition drive on Thursday targeted unauthorized establishments, including furniture showrooms, along the Baner side of the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway.

For more details on the PMC’s action, you can refer to the article on mypunepulse.com


The razed constructions were situated in a restricted area under the jurisdiction of the Defense Department’s HEMRL. The presence of the furniture mall and other shops had been causing traffic stress on the highway, prompting complaints from HEMRL.

The PMC has assured that further action will be taken against remaining unauthorized shops in the coming week.

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