Pune Builder Defrauded of Rs 5.5 Crore in Restaurant Purchase Scam

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A builder has been victimized by a fraudulent scheme, resulting in a devastating loss of five and a half crore rupees. 

The incident unfolded when the builder, Prasad Yashwant Bhimale, filed a formal complaint against Sushil Ghanshyam Aggarwal and Alnesh Akil Somji, alleging financial fraud. 

The case has been registered at Bund garden police station in Pune. Bhimale, who works in the construction industry, had engaged with Aggarwal and Somji to purchase a restaurant located in the Camp area’s Gagan Island township above the BMW showroom. 

Trusting both of them, Bhimale transferred a significant amount of two crores and sixty-two lakhs to the bank account provided by them, as per their agreement for the restaurant acquisition.To fulfill the agreed-upon terms, Bhimale issued four cheques drawn from Kotak Mahindra Bank, totaling five and a half crores as compensation. However, the accused individuals deceived him and  endorsed blank cheques and failed to return the invested amount.

The case is currently under investigation by the Economic Offences Wing, who will gather evidence and interview the parties involved. They will scrutinize the financial transactions to establish the fraudulent nature of the act and determine the extent of Bhimale’s financial loss.