Pune : Citizens Express Frustration Over Delayed Water Survey in Merged Villages 

Pune : Citizens Express Frustration Over Delayed Water Survey in Merged Villages

Pune : Citizens Express Frustration Over Delayed Water Survey in Merged Villages

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Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated a water survey in the 34 merged villages brought under its jurisdiction since 2017 to assess water supply during the summer months. However, residents have criticized the move as “too little, too late,” questioning the administration’s planning or lack thereof, which has left them struggling for basic amenities.

The survey commenced earlier this month and is scheduled to continue until the end of summer. Civic officials stated that they would engage with housing societies that have reported poor water supply during the survey. “It is a real-time activity to ascertain the exact water demand in these areas during summer. Based on the collected data, short-term measures such as increasing water supply via tankers will be implemented,” explained a civic official.

A resident of Wagholi, expressed disappointment, stating that the area has been under PMC jurisdiction for three years without significant improvement in residents’ lives. “The provision of more water tankers during summer by the PMC is only a temporary solution. We need proper water supply throughout the year,” he emphasized.

A resident from Undri informed that the merger of villages into PMC jurisdiction has led to haphazard development. There is no potable water supply, no drainage lines, no proper approach roads, no mechanism for garbage disposal and also no amenities. Our meetings with the water department, road department have not been fruitful. We are awaiting the final DPR of the village. How much time will it take for just a DPR to be made ? Are we waiting for it to be an election agenda ? Why are honest tax payers deprived of basic amenities despite paying high taxes? 

Residents lamented paying substantial property taxes without receiving adequate amenities in return. “We are frustrated with the current situation. What is the purpose of bringing areas under PMC control if the administration cannot meet the basic demand for tap water?” questioned Vishal Harpale from Uruli-Phursungi.

PMC officials stated that they are implementing both short- and long-term measures to improve water supply in these areas. Environmental biologist Sachin Punekar emphasized the need for creating “water self-sustained societies” and urged the administration to focus on natural water conservation methods.

Nandkishor Jagtap, head of PMC’s water supply department, assured that residents receiving tanker supply due to scarcity in specific areas would not be charged for it. As the demand for water continues to rise, addressing this issue without long-term planning poses a significant challenge for the coming years.