Pune : Community Spirit and Swift Action Saves Life Of Pinky 

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Pune : Community Spirit and Swift Action Saves Life Of Pinky

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On the fateful night of November 8, Anne Anish Corporate Trainer by profession & volunteering for the Aam Aadmi Party, received a distress call from Fr. Maria Sobu seeking urgent assistance for Pinky (name changed) critical condition at YCM Hospital Chinchwad. 

Realizing the severity of the situation with Dr Abhijit More & Dr Abhijit Bagade’s guidance, it was evident that immediate action was crucial.

Upon arrival at YCM Hospital, it became evident that Pinky (name changed) was battling sepsis, was in a very critical state, and needed intensive care. The quick decision to transfer her to Ruby Hall Hospital was made, recognizing the need for specialized care beyond what the former hospital could offer.

With the relentless support of Dr. Prachee Sathe and Nancy Marian, at Ruby Hall Hospital, Pinky (name changed) was swiftly admitted, where life-saving procedures commenced, all without the burden of any initial deposits, solely on humanitarian grounds.

Faced with the challenge of extending financial constraints amidst the stretching dire medical emergency that saw a donation drive of more than Rs. 6.5 lacs and a discounted bill. 

The Donations were made possible through the collective efforts and generosity from various quarters, including the support of Centhil Iyer, Cibi Varghese from Sakal Times, and the pivotal contributions from Bishop Mar Antonios of St. Mary’s Cathedral Khadki, and many more who helped mobilize funds to support Pinky’s treatment.

Anne Anish and her husband Anish Varghese, alongside Sanjay Kone , rallied to arrange the necessary documentation and income certificate from Chandrapur at the earliest. Thanks to the recommendations from Dr Prachee Sathe, along with the benevolent aid from Dr Bhavika and the entire management at Ruby Hall, Preeti was categorized under the IPF (Indigent Patient Fund) for cost-free treatment at Ruby Hall Clinic Pune. We are highly obliged to Dr. Purvez Grant and Mr. Behram Khodaiji the CEO at Ruby Hall Clinic Pune for considering Pinky under the IPF category. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Prasad Muglikar (Director of Medical Services) Mr Manoj Srivastava (Billing HOD) and Ms. Poonam for their constant support. 

Today, by the grace of God and the concerted efforts of these compassionate souls, Pinky’s (name changed)health has significantly improved and shall soon be discharged from the hospital.  

This heartwarming incident stands as a testament to the strength of community spirit, selfless collaboration, and swift action taken by individuals and organizations united by a common goal – to save a life.

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