Pune: Concerns Rise Over Depletion of Lakaki Lake’s Water Level 

Pune: Concerns Rise Over Depletion of Lakaki Lake's Water Level

Pune: Concerns Rise Over Depletion of Lakaki Lake's Water Level

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Residents of Model Colony in Shivajinagar are voicing alarm over the significant decline in the water level of Lakaki Lake, urging the civic body to implement stronger conservation measures.

Key issues highlighted include the proliferation of borewells, leading to groundwater depletion, and uncontrolled construction activities in the area.

The lake, reliant on rainwater and replenishment from underground streams, faces excessive extraction from numerous borewells, lacking proper monitoring. Moreover, escalating evaporation exacerbated by rising temperatures further compounds the problem.

Residents note that during construction, water encountered in excavations is often wasted rather than conserved, exacerbating the situation. The balance of Lakaki Lake’s delicate ecosystem is threatened, prompting calls for a thorough survey by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to gauge underground water usage and enforce stricter regulations.

Speaking to a person working for Lakaki Park under anonymity said, “The water level has gone down tremendously this year. We completely depend on rainwater for the lake, but due to lack of rains, the water level is low.” 

Encroachment prevention efforts have been ongoing, with residents resisting concrete structures near the lake. However, blocked entry points from surrounding hillsides, coupled with sewage leaks, hinder natural replenishment. Lack of rainwater harvesting exacerbates reliance on borewells, further straining aquifers.

While the garden department is committed to ecological preservation, decisions affecting water levels span multiple departments. Residents advocate for mandatory rainwater harvesting and stricter water usage monitoring, emphasizing the need for controlled concretization.