Pune: Connecting road from Marvel Sangria to Dorabjee Paradise lies neglected

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The Pune Municipal Corporation had recently announced funds of Rs 200 crores to develop several roads in Pune city. Out of which two roads were mentioned from Mohamadwadi village. But, the work has not commenced yet.

The connecting road has become a spot of worry for many as it is the only linking road from Undri to NIBM road. But due to heavy rains and neglect by PMC the road has not been repaired since July this year.

When Pune Pulse spoke to MLA Chetan Tupe, he said, “The work should have started by now. But there is no movement yet on the work. I shall speak to the PMC Commissioner again regarding the same and find out why the delay has happened in the work.”

A resident of NIBM road, Parveen Tambe informed that if PMC fails to take up the work in the coming few days, we shall conduct a protest in the area soon. We have been suffering for a long period now. There has been no attention from PMC in developing this road. How long should we suffer despite paying high taxes ?

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