Pune Consumer Wins Case Against Furniture Store for Wrongly Delivered Sofa-Cum-Bed

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A Pune resident, Vidya Baliram Jambhulkar, recently won a case against a furniture store for delivering a sofa-cum-bed in the wrong color. Here’s an overview of the case and the ruling:

Vidya Baliram Jambhulkar purchased a sofa-cum-bed from Shree Rajmata Furniture based in Wadgaon, expecting a light grey color to match her home decor. However, the store delivered a sofa of a different color, violating the terms and conditions mentioned on the receipt. 

Displeased with the wrong delivery and the store’s refusal to rectify the mistake, Vidya filed a complaint with the Pune District Consumers Grievance Redressal Commission.

The Commission, comprising President Rahul Patil and members Sarita Patil and Kshtija Kulkarni, ruled in favor of the consumer. The furniture store was ordered to take back the wrongly delivered furniture at their own cost and refund the ₹40,500 paid by the consumer. Additionally, the store was directed to pay ₹7,000 as compensation and suit charges to Vidya. Despite multiple notices, the store owner failed to appear before the Commission or provide written statements, strengthening the consumer’s case. 

The Commission deemed the store’s actions as unfair trade practices and upheld the complainant’s credibility. The store was given 45 days to execute the order.

The ruling serves as a victory for consumer rights, emphasizing the importance of fair business practices and accountability in the furniture retail sector. Vidya’s successful pursuit of justice highlights the effectiveness of consumer grievance redressal mechanisms in protecting consumers from malpractices and ensuring their rights are upheld.

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