Pune CP’s Plan: Traffic decongestion; crackdown on notorious criminals and more

Pune CP's Plan: Traffic decongestion; crackdown on notorious criminals and more

Pune CP's Plan: Traffic decongestion; crackdown on notorious criminals and more

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Amitesh Kumar, the recently appointed Pune Police Commissioner, has addressed a number of important issues impacting the city.

Police Commissioner Kumar underlined how strictly bars and pubs must adhere to the 1:30 am deadline. Those who play loud music in violation of permissible limits will also be subject to legal repercussions.

Recognizing that traffic is a big problem for the public, Commissioner Kumar presented his plans for reducing congestion. The emphasis is on putting temporary relief measures into place as soon as possible, and then working with the appropriate agencies to start changing the infrastructure and engineering later on. They are studying the traffic situation in Wagholi at the moment and will take appropriate action. Evaluations and comments are also being received for several other Chowks, like Shimla Office Chowk, University Chowk, Katraj Chowk, Khadi Machine Chowk, Navale Bridge, etc.

Commissioner Kumar noted a significant increase in cybercrime cases. In light of the recent officers’ and staff members’ transfers in accordance with election commission guidelines, he emphasized the continued endeavor to appoint tech-savvy individuals with a penchant for cybercrime investigation. In order to improve its capacity for both crime prevention and detection, the police department also plans to purchase advanced softwares.

The Crime Branch units have been tasked with keeping an eye on notorious people in order to combat organized crime. The Anti-extortion and Dacoity cells target criminals involved in bodily offences (offenses against the human body).

The Crime Branch recently paraded card club owners.

Commissioner Kumar announced the transfer of constables who have served five years at a single police station or unit, acknowledging that constables are the foundation of the police force.

It has been revealed that a small number of constables and police officers may be covertly aiding unlawful activity. Tough warnings have been given, emphasizing serious penalties for those discovered to be involved. It has been observed that attempts to manipulate situations with police assistance have occurred in land disputes. These kinds of tactics, though, will not be accepted. Charges were brought against both parties in a recent land dispute case after one of them submitted a complaint.

There have been reports of solicitation happening close to bus stops, which has harassed women who are late at night on their way home. Commissioner Kumar assured the public that the Damini Squad would be dispatched to address the matter if they reported such incidents to the police control room (112).

When a person with a criminal history commits a crime, the police officers will face consequences. The relevant police station’s Detection Branch (DB) will be held accountable if a criminal is discovered committing crimes.

The public was reassured by Commissioner Amitesh Kumar of his dedication to successfully resolving these problems and creating a more secure and safe atmosphere for Pune citizens.

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