Pune : Decision to Cut Trees Withheld by Maharashtra State Tree Authority

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The Maharashtra State Tree Authority has withheld its decision on a proposal to remove and replace 7,496 trees in Pune. The authority conducted a hearing on Friday, where officials from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) presented a detailed overview of the ₹5,000-crore Mula-Mutha Riverfront Development (RFD) project. As part of the proposal, PMC officials suggested cutting down 2,600 trees and transplanting 2,694 others to facilitate the project’s implementation.

Ashok Ghorpade, the head of PMC’s garden department, stated, “We provided a comprehensive presentation to the Maharashtra Tree Authority members regarding the RFD project, and they will soon communicate their decision in writing about the proposal. We have also informed the authority about our plans to transplant the trees.”

A point to point presentation about the overall tree situation in Pune as well as the river front project was given in front of Maharashtra State Tree Authority, to which the tree department has said that they will withhold the current plan of tree removal & come up with another plan in some time, he said. 

The Mula-Mutha Riverfront Development project aims to transform sections of Pune’s riverfront into public spaces and recreational areas. However, the proposal to cut down a significant number of trees has faced criticism from environmental activists concerned about the impact on the city’s green cover. The decision of the Maharashtra State Tree Authority will determine the course of action regarding the trees involved in the project.

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