Pune : Foul smell from lake troubles Katraj & Bibwewadi society residents; Demand urgent action from PMC

Pune : Foul smell from troubles Katraj & Bibwewadi society residents; Demand urgent action from PMC

Pune : Foul smell from troubles Katraj & Bibwewadi society residents; Demand urgent action from PMC

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Several residents from Katraj & Bibwewadi societies like Lake Town and more are in distress as foul smell, mosquitoes etc keep coming from Katraj Lake in Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, a resident of Lake Town, requesting anonymity, said “This foul smell, mosquitoes etc menace is present all year long. As the population & settlement is increasing in Jambhulwadi, the sewage water is being released in Katraj Lake. Hence, it is leading to polluting lake, foul smell and more issues. Several times, the PMC has come here & inspected this issue. But no concrete action is being taken.”

Another resident of Lake Town, requesting anonymity, said “Bad smell keeps coming from Katraj Lake, particularly in mornings & evenings. Thinking that people won’t know or realize that toxic water is being released into the lake, toxic/sewage water is released in the lake. However, due to the foul smell, along with other types of hazards, our sleep is disturbed. But nothing is being done abut this. We are helpless as the lake is very near to us. Apart from foul smell, mosquitoes keep coming. The situation is getting dire day by day.”

Prachi Deshpande, Resident of Lake Town, said “We have been following up with the municipal body since 2022. First it was water hyacinth, mosquitoes and unbearable foul smell.  A few months ago, they reduced the water level, removed few truckloads of stilt. But the untreated water with hazardous foul smell still continues. Whenever the residents raise their voices, the local ” workers/ social helpers” manage to stop it. But resumes within few days. Why should we, the tax payers, be behind the civic body to make our lives liveable? Is it not their responsibility? Why should the residents feel suffocated when taking an evening walk within their own premise just because the civic body is not taking up the responsibility of their own work? Please stop the further expansion of PMC limits, sort out all the issues within the jurisdiction, streamline all the important services and then think of calling Pune a Smart City.”

Another resident of Rajas society stated that mosquitoes have increases in the last few months. The hyacinth must be removed and pmc must ensure that the Drainage is not let into the lake water. 

Lalit Bendre, Executive Engineer, PMC Drainage Department, said “The work of a sewage treatment plant (STP) is going on after which this issue will get resolved.”

Tanmay Kanitkar, Social Activist, said “Sewage/untreated water must not be released into any kind of water body. Still, untreated water gets released in any kind of water body such as Katraj Lake, Pashan Lake etc. So, whenever, the point of beautification is there, only construction-related activities are considered like building a jogging track, other types of constructions etc. But nothing is done in terms of maintaining water bodies, clean water etc. Also, water hyacinth is increasing in water bodies. The reason for this is releasing of untreated water in water bodies. Tenders of lakhs/crores of rupees get issued but this is only temporary. The main reason for this is sewage/untreated water in water bodies. Action for this is required which is not being done.”

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