Pune : High Court directs PMC To Demolish Illegal Structures Near HEMRL

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A legal tussle has emerged over unauthorized construction near the premises of the High Energy Material Research Laboratory (HEMRL) located on the hillside in Pashan along the Mumbai-Pune Highway. 

HEMRL, renowned for its research in high explosives and advanced technologies, operates under the purview of the Ministry of Defence, underscoring its significance in national security.

Despite its sensitive nature, a stretch of land within a 500-meter radius of HEMRL has witnessed unauthorized construction, in clear violation of established regulations. In response to this infringement, the High Court has levied fines of 1 Lakh rupees each on the illegal structures and directed the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).  The High Court bench consisting of Justice GS Patel and Kamal Khata also fined ₹ 1 lakh to petitioners for misleading the court.

The court instructed the PMC commissioner to use the fine collected from these petitioners for social work.

Expressing concern over these encroachments, HEMRL has consistently urged the PMC to take action and demolish the unauthorized buildings. The situation escalated in November 2023 when the construction department undertook significant measures. Six local businesses rallied against the Municipal Notice in the High Court, prompting a vigorous legal battle.

The proceedings took a decisive turn in favor of the Municipal Corporation, with Advocate Abhijit Kulkarni and Rishikesh Pethe presenting a compelling case. Their efforts underscored the importance of upholding regulations, particularly in areas of strategic significance like those surrounding HEMRL facilities.

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