Pune is second home for International students

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Pune city is known as the Oxford of the East. There are several colleges where foreign students also seek education in India and have chosen Pune as their destination.  

Weather, close proximity to Mumbai, lifestyle, varied options in educational courses often makes it the best choice for foreigners students.  

Adeeba Nausheen, who is also studying in Pune spoke to a few International students what they like about Pune and how they view this city in terms of growing opportunities and a place for foreigners who have made the city as their second home. 

Yousif Basha

Yousif Basha, from Saudi Arabia has completed his graduation in BCA from Tilak Maharashtra college and an English course from Symbiosis. He stays in Undri and had to say a lot about his stay in Pune. He says, “I like the city’s weather. I feel like home in Pune.” He mentioned the fact that Pune is called the Oxford of the East because of the opportunities students get from this place. He further says, “I love how it is a hub for learning in a lot of fields including science, literature and IT. I have tried various types of biryani and love the blend of spices that biryani has. I have also tried the authentic Pune food like Misal Pav.” 

Bidhi Karna

Bidhi Karna, a law student of Symbiosis Law School, Pune who hails from Nepal and has been in Pune for 4 years pursuing her degree and exploring other opportunities that the city brings to her in other fields. She mentions how Pune is a perfect blend for nature and the city life. In particular, she loves the vibrant night life in Pune and how various students of different colleges come together in clubs and other places to socialize. She loves Naan when it comes to the Indian cuisine and mentions how she can eat it in a combination of any food but mainly butter chicken. She loves the various cuisines Kondhwa has to offer like the Afghani food and Middle Eastern food. Viman Nagar, the place she resides in has a lot of cafes and restraints to offer the students so they can relax and socialize. Her favourite Maharashtrian food has to be Vada Pav with some Bhajis on the side. She feels pursuing degrees from the universities of Pune will surely open doors for her future endeavors.

Magid Hassan Abdelmagid Ahmed, from Sudan, studied BCA from Tilak Maharashtra University. He talks about how he loves the nature of Pune city. He says, “I love the hills surrounding the city which are found on the outskirts of Pune. I feel peaceful with the nature. I have tried authentic Maharashtrian food along with different types of biryani and it tops my list of favourite Indian food. He says that Pune is full of opportunities and he is yet to try and explore other fields out of his studies. Majid also made a lot of friends from Sudan who are also here to study. He says they are like a big family here in Pune, always there for each other in times of need. 

Sethunya Angela Rankwane

Sethunya Angela Rankwane is currently studying in Ness Wadia College of Commerce and she has resided in Pune for one and a half years. She feels welcomed in this city and she says “it’s a home away from home”. She is not a fan of spicy food but she said the spice can be adjusted if told the chef of the restaurant. She further adds, “I like Butter chicken in Indian cuisine. I feel there should be more opportunities to for foreign students in the working field.  She talks about how her talent got noticed by the natives here and they appreciated her for it and never doubted her capabilities.