Pune : Magarpatta City Residents Suffering From Foul Smell Emanating From Canal

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By: Pune Pulse

July 3, 2023

Pune: Residents of Magarpatta are worried due to the foul smell emerging from a nearby canal. Speaking to Pune Pulse, Sreejita Sanyal, Resident, Magarpatta said, ” Unbearable stench of a nearby sewer is coming. It is difficult to breathe and step out of the house. We have complained to the officials of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) numerous times but no action has been taken so far.”

Devendra Chugh, Resident, Magarpatta City said, ” On opening the doors and windows, the stink enters our house. It becomes difficult to breathe as well. Hence, I request the PMC to resolve the issue immediately.”

Manish Singh, Resident, Jasminium Society, Magarpatta City said, “ Whenever the wind is blowing towards our society, the stink enters our houses.  We can not open our doors and windows. There is no fresh air. It has become very uncomfortable to breathe.  A lot of times garbage is dumped. We have also seen burning of the garbage. I think that is the reason for the smell. I request the authorities to inspect the issue and solve it.”

Shridhar Yeolekar, Superintending Engineer Sewerage, Maintenance And Repair Department, PMC, said “We will inspect the location & the canal issue soon & an effective solution about the stink will be chalked out immediately.”

Rajiv Rao, Resident, Jasminium Society, Magarpatta City said, “We are facing this issue of disgusting smell frequently now. It has become unbearable for us. As of now, nobody from our house has fallen sick but if this continues for a long time then everyone will face a lot of health problems. We have raised several complaints to the PMC but nothing has happened.”

Shreyas Vange