Pune metro launches cycle scheme

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Jigar Hindocha

Pune: To provide commuters with the option of the cycle ride, the Pune metro has launched a cycle scheme. The scheme is launched on a few stations and once the metro line is extended it will be available on other stations too. 

Pune Metro Rail tweeted, ” TAKE HOME’ or ‘PAY PER RIDE’ Using a Bicycle is not only a quick & flexible, cost-effective mode of travel but also improves fitness. Go Grab a Bicycle and get back to cycling again and let’s make our City Green.

“One can take cycle on rent from Garware college station. The scheme will be extended to other stations in future,” said the official from Pune metro.
One needs to pay Rs 500 as a deposit and then one can take a home cycle for a week on the rent of Rs 249. For a month Rs 749 and for 90 days one can take the bicycle home for Rs 1999.

“The aim of having cycle stands at metro stations is to promote cycling in all age groups,” added the official.