Pune Metro to conduct work within barricaded areas in central parts of city

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PUNE: During the upcoming Ganeshostav festival, officials from the Maha Metro have announced that they will only be conducting works within barricaded areas in the central parts of the city. These areas are known to experience high footfall during the festive period.

The Ganesh mandals had requested that the Maha Metro and civic administration suspend works during Ganeshostav to avoid inconvenience to visitors. The Maha Metro officials have stated that all work sites have been barricaded to ensure the smooth movement of necessary measures and devotees. 

The officials have also stated that works will proceed at a slower pace due to restrictions on the movement of vehicles, machinery, and workers.

The Maha Metro will be in constant communication with the traffic police, Ganesh mandals, and other authorities. Additional wardens will be deployed until late at night at Mandai, Kasba Peth, Shivajinagar, Swargate, Yerawada, and Nagar Road, where the Metro works are ongoing. The Maha Metro is currently constructing an underground station at Mandai, where major work is underway.

At Kasba Peth, the work of entry-exit points has been taken up, while the station work at Swargate has reached advanced stages. Last month, the Maha Metro removed barricades from a stretch of road in front of Mandai, providing some relief to commuters. 

The workers of Ganesh Mandals have stated that they are not against any development works, but there is a need to reschedule the works considering the huge footfall of devotees during the festival.

The Maha Metro has issued an advisory to commuters, stating that they can carry small idols up to 2ft height inside the Metro. Commuters have also been advised to follow norms and not deface the stations or rakes. They have also been urged not to carry loudspeakers, megaphones, or crackers while travelling. Ride tickets can be purchased at the designated locations.

Madhupriya Dhanwate