Pune: 3 well-educated professionals scammed over 96 lakhs

Pune: 3 well-educated professionals scammed over 96 lakhs

Pune: 3 well-educated professionals scammed over 96 lakhs

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Cyber thieves have stolen over Rs 96 lakh from individuals in Pune, including an IT engineer, a private company manager, and a construction company employee. The victims, all educated and financially stable, were targeted by elaborate schemes.

The Lonikand police are investigating three separate cases, with the first involving a fraudster who posed as Inspector Pradeep Sawant, exploiting law enforcement trust. The cyber gang, disguised as FedEx Courier and the Central Investigation Agency, offered lucrative returns on stock market investments, despite warnings from law enforcement and the cybercrime branch, attracting individuals with significant educational and professional backgrounds.

A 38-year-old resident of Wagholi, India, has reported a financial fraud incident to the Lonikand police station. The victim, a senior manager at an IT company, was tricked into joining a WhatsApp group called Stock Vanguard, led by Sunil Linghania. The group, which had 57 members, promised lucrative stock market investments. The victim was coerced into creating an account on the ALICE mobile app, which was used to engage in share trading. Despite claims of profits, the victim was defrauded of Rs 21,92,920 without receiving any actual returns or refunds. 

A 33-year-old resident of Wagholi, India, has filed a complaint against a financial scam. The victim, who works at a private company, received a call from Harsh Vardhan of FedEx Company, claiming a parcel containing expired passports, credit cards, MDM, clothes, and a toy was stuck at Mumbai Customs. Despite denying involvement, the victim was instructed to file a complaint with the National Cyber Crime Bureau (NCB). 

Inspector Pradeep Sawant, now identifying himself as Inspector Vardhan, instructed the victim to download the Skype app and provide personal information. Threats of legal action were made, and the victim was coerced into transferring Rs 12 lakh under various pretexts. After cutting off communication, the victim received an alarming call from their bank’s relationship manager, revealing a significant personal loan of Rs 29,52,000 taken out in his name.

A 43-year-old man from Oxy Valley in Wagholi has reported a financial scam involving a private company manager. The victim was approached by the accused, who promised to conduct a stock exchange session. Intrigued, the victim joined a WhatsApp group where Jonathan Simon, a member, initiated live sessions on stock trading. The victim and eight other group administrators were instructed to download AIpaxis Pro and invest in shares. They were persuaded to deposit funds into bank accounts under the pretence of enticing investment opportunities. However, communication with the individuals associated with the bank accounts ceased abruptly, resulting in a substantial loss of Rs 45,30,000.