Pune Metro Urges Responsible Behavior to Prevent Metro Pillar Defacement

In various locations across Pune, metro pillars have become targets for miscreants who use them as canvases for unauthorized paintings. These acts of defacement not only mar the city’s appearance but also compromise the cleanliness of the surrounding metro station areas.

Hemant Sonawane, the General Manager and Public Relations Officer of Pune Metro, expressed concern over this issue. He mentioned that complaints have been lodged with local police stations to apprehend the culprits. While it is challenging to monitor each individual pillar, Sonawane emphasized the collective responsibility of citizens to maintain cleanliness and refrain from defacing public properties. The authorities have been urging individuals responsible for placing banners and posters on the pillars to remove them promptly to preserve the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of the area. The cooperation of Pune’s residents in maintaining cleanliness and reducing visual pollution in these locations is greatly anticipated.

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