Pune : PMC to reconstruct Sadhu Vaswani bridge in Koregaon Park


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Pune: Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday laid foundation for reconstructing Sadhu Vaswani bridge.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has given its approval for the demolition of the Sadhu Vaswani Bridge on the railway line at Koregaon Park and the construction of a new bridge. About the new flyover to be constructed from Koregaon park to Sadhu Vaswani chowk.

The Sadhu Vaswani Bridge was constructed by the Public Works Department 49 years ago as a railway overhead bridge (ROB) to connect the Army and Koregaon Park areas. As the bridge has aged, and the traffic has increased, it became necessary to demolish it and construct a new bridge.

“The flyover from Koregaon Park coming to Sadhu Vaswani chowk will be demolished as two structural audits were conducted of this flyover, where the reports said that the heavy vehicles must not pass through this. As the flyover constructed by PWD has been old and damaged and therefore a new flyover of four lane will be constructed in two years. The standing committee has approved funds of ₹ 87 crores for this bridge,” said Sandip Patil, Deputy Engineer of road department, PMC.

The construction of the new bridge will require the diversion of traffic in the Pune station area until the work is completed. A deadline of 24 months has been set for the completion of the project, excluding the monsoon season.

The Municipal Corporation appointed a consultant to test the bridge’s safety, and two structural audits revealed that the flyover from Koregaon Park to Saduvasvani chowk was not safe for heavy vehicles.

As a result, the Standing Committee approved a budget of ₹ 87 crores for the reconstruction of the four lane Sadhu Vaswani Bridge. The bridge is 640 meters in length.

Renuka Suryavanshi

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