Shocking Revelation: 82 Women from Pune Trafficked to Gulf Countries, Sparks Concerns by Maharashtra Women Commission

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During a press conference led by Rupali Chakankar, President, Maharashtra Women’s Commission, shocking revelations emerged about the distressing rise of women trafficking from Pune to Dubai and Oman. The revelation highlighted an alarming number of 82 women exclusively from Pune, shedding light on the severity of this issue.

The press conference witnessed the presence of Rupali Chakankar and Deepak Pandey, Special Inspector General of Police from the Women and Child Crime Prevention Department. Notably, a case has been registered against two traffickers in Sakinaka. Chakankar emphasized the exploitation of vulnerable women through deceptive tactics, such as false job opportunities.

Chakankar expressed deep concerns over the increasing incidents of women disappearing in Maharashtra recently. The Women’s Commission has actively addressed this issue since January 5, 2022. However, the lack of effective actions by the police, including the ineffective Missing Cell and Bharosa Cell established to handle such cases, is disheartening.

Despite persistent efforts to engage the government, there has been an unsatisfactory response in addressing this pressing problem. Consequently, the Women’s Commission plans to draft a letter urging the state government to establish a dedicated committee to address the issue proactively. Additionally, the commission recommends that the government provide regular reports on missing girls to the Women’s Commission every 15 days to ensure transparency and accountability in handling these cases.

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