Pune Metro’s Green Initiative and Discounted rates on Digital Tickets

Pune Metro's Green Initiative and Discounted rates on Digital Tickets

Pune Metro's Green Initiative and Discounted rates on Digital Tickets

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In a bid to promote sustainable and eco-friendly commuting, Pune Metro has introduced an enticing offer for passengers. The initiative encourages commuters to make environmentally conscious choices while enjoying exclusive discounts on digital tickets.

How to Participate:

1. Interested commuters can participate by sending a simple ‘Hi’ to 9420101990 on WhatsApp or by using the official Pune Metro app. This initiates the process of opting for digital tickets, contributing to a paperless and eco-friendly travel experience.

2. Go Paperless, Go Green:

   – Pune Metro encourages travelers to embrace digital ticketing, minimizing the use of paper.

   – The move aligns with the global push towards sustainable practices and reducing the carbon footprint.

3. Exclusive Weekday Offer:

   – Passengers opting for digital tickets through WhatsApp or the Pune Metro app can enjoy a 10% discount on weekdays.

   – This exclusive offer aims to incentivize eco-friendly commuting choices during the workweek.

4. Weekend Bonanza – 30% Off:

   – As a weekend special, all passengers opting for digital tickets on weekends are eligible for a whopping 30% discount on every ride.

   – This initiative makes weekends even more attractive for metro commuters.

5. Hassle-Free Experience:

   – The digital ticketing process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for passengers.

   – Commuters can seamlessly transition to a greener mode of travel with the convenience of digital ticketing.

By choosing digital tickets, commuters actively contribute to reducing environmental impact. The initiative reflects Pune Metro’s commitment to sustainability and encourages passengers to join the movement.

Pune Metro’s eco-friendly initiative not only provides commuters with cost-effective options but also promotes a greener way of traveling. As cities worldwide strive to adopt sustainable practices, Pune Metro’s digital ticketing offers a tangible and rewarding step towards a more environmentally conscious public transportation system. 

Commuters are urged to embrace this initiative, making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of exclusive discounts.