Pune Youth Caught in Intoxication: Alarming Video Surfaces, Raises Concerns About Drug Abuse Among Students

Pune Youth Caught in Intoxication: Alarming Video Surfaces, Raises Concerns About Drug Abuse Among Students

Controversy Brews Over Pune Youth Alleged Intoxication Video : Actor Faces Backlash for Exposing Identity 

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In stark contrast to the recent crackdown on a major drug racket by Pune Police, a disturbing video has emerged shedding light on the prevalence of drug abuse among college students in Pune. The city, known for its educational institutions, now grapples with a disconcerting image of intoxicated youth. Actor Ramesh Pardesi brought attention to this issue by sharing a viral video captured on Vetal Hill in Pune.

The video reveals two young women, believed to be first-year college students, under the influence of drugs. One of the girls appears unconscious, while the other is seen in an inebriated state, raising concerns about the direction in which the youth in Pune are heading.

Ramesh Pardesi, who recorded the video, expressed his concern over the situation. He narrated that while running on Vetal Hill, they discovered the two young women lying in a corner with beer, liquor, and intoxicating substances. Fearing for their safety, he and others moved the girls to a secure location. The actor linked this incident to the recent discovery of a ₹4,000 crore drug racket in Pune.

Pune: From Education Hub to Drug Hub?

In the video, Pardesi questions whether Pune, once revered as an educational and cultural hub, is now transforming into a hub for drugs. He urges citizens to seriously consider the implications of such incidents. The hills of Pune, usually associated with health and recreation, now witness the troubling sight of young individuals succumbing to substance abuse.

Blame on Parents and Call to Action:

Pardesi, to some extent, holds parents responsible and appeals to them to address these issues seriously. He questions whether parents are aware of their children’s activities outside the home. The video serves as a wake-up call to parents, urging them to take proactive measures. Pardesi emphasizes the need for collective consideration and action to prevent the younger generation from being adversely affected by the drug menace.

The actor notes the silent response of Pune residents to the drug issue, even after the recent high-profile drug bust. He laments the use of such incidents for political gains and calls for a genuine, collective effort to safeguard the future of the youth in Pune.

The video raises concerns about the impact of drug abuse on the younger generation and prompts a call for immediate attention and action to address the rising issue in Pune.”

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