Pune: Moshi waste depot to be revamped soon

A state-of-the-art waste to energy project is set to be established at the waste depot in Moshi. The project, known as DBOT at Moshi, aims to scientifically decompose solid waste under the city’s Swachh Mission Project. The project will include the construction of an administrative office, water treatment center, and electricity room. 

The proposal was approved in the Standing Committee meeting.In addition, old structures such as the composting shed, store room, workers’ rest house, and laboratory will be demolished to make way for the development. The proposal for the project has been approved by Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh. 

The cost of this project is approximately 208 crores and 36 lakh rupees. An amount of 50 crores as financial subsidy of the Municipal Corporation has been allowed to be given at various stages of the project.

The Waste to Energy project is expected to provide a sustainable solution to the city’s waste management problem while also generating electricity for the community.

“The Moshi waste to energy project is under swachh Bharat mission and has been approved by the standing committee. We will reconstruct the facilities soon,” said Pradeep Jambhale-Patil, Additional Commissioner PCMC

Nividita Kelapure 

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