Pune: Motorists Frustrated by Absence of Signages in Chandni Chowk

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Residents oppose PMC’s Rs 6.5 crore tender for beautification of Chandni Chowk; say ‘Basic facilities must be given priority’

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PUNE: The traffic congestion in Chandni Chowk has been resolved, but drivers are still grappling with the predicament of choosing the right road. Without guide signs, they end up travelling an additional two kilometres after missing their intended route, resulting in wastage of time. To address this issue, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) invested approximately Rs 397 crore in constructing eight ramps, two service roads, two underpasses, four bridges, and 17 km of roads.

However, drivers remain clueless about which road to take and where it leads. Although the authority has installed signboards in some locations, there are still areas without any signage, which misleads drivers.

As per the information provided, drivers are still encountering difficulties due to the absence of signboards. The lack of clarity regarding road directions is causing confusion. The small signboards installed by the national authority are not easily noticeable by drivers.

From this intersection, one can reach NDA Chowk, Mulshi, Pashan, and Bawdhan. The roads from Kothrud to Mumbai lack signboards. Even upon reaching NDA Chowk, drivers are seen struggling with confusion. The road leading to Bawdhan and Mulshi is not prominently marked. While signboards have been placed on the main roads, the site of the ramp lacks signage.

Madhupriya Dhanwate