Pune-Mumbai Train Speed Upgrade Postponed to March 2025

Pune-Mumbai Train Speed Upgrade Postponed to March 2024

Pune-Mumbai Train Speed Upgrade Postponed to March 2025

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Faster Train Travel Between Pune & Mumbai Only Next Year

June 23, 2024

Pune: Train travelers between Pune and Mumbai will have to wait until next March for a faster journey, as the augmentation of the 63 km Pune-Lonavla section will not be completed by the previously set deadline of August this year.

“The work on the overhead electrical system on the Pune-Lonavla section is still ongoing. We expect to complete all the works by the end of the financial year, which is March next year,” said the Additional Divisional Railway Manager of the Pune rail division on Thursday.

Confirming the delay, Pune’s Divisional Railway Officer stated, “The work is in progress. We won’t be able to complete it by August or September.”

Once the work is completed, all trains moving on this section will be able to operate at a speed of 130 km/h, up from the current 110 km/h. Rail officials estimate that this will reduce the travel time between the two cities by 20 to 30 minutes. “We are looking to apply for and obtain the other required permissions to ensure that the ongoing work and requisite permits are obtained simultaneously,” added Officials.

The section sees over 120 trains operating daily, including the Pune-Lonavla locals and numerous express and inter-city trains connecting Pune and Mumbai. “The whole section, which includes the overhead electrification (OHE) systems, tracks, signals, and many other aspects, needs to be augmented before the speed of trains can increase. The section has been fully electrified. There have been some delays, but the work is on track,” another railway official explained.

Harsha Shah, Chairman of the Railway Pravasi Group, noted, “They [railways] have been working on the augmentation works for a long time. The work should have reached the last stage by now.”

A Pune businessman, who frequently travels to Mumbai, emphasized the need for more trains between the two cities. “Traveling via the expressway has become risky. People will switch to trains if they are faster and better,” he said.

The completion of this project is eagerly awaited by commuters who hope to benefit from a faster and more efficient rail service between Pune and Mumbai, potentially easing the strain on the expressway and providing a safer, more reliable travel option.