Pune Municipal Corporation Exceeds Maratha Survey, Reaches 14.30 Lakh Families

Survey Begins in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad for Maratha Community

Pune Municipal Corporation Exceeds Maratha Survey, Reaches 14.30 Lakh Families

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has outperformed its initial Maratha survey target by reaching 14.30 lakh families, surpassing the intended goal of 12.50 lakh households.

Working in collaboration with the State Commission for Backward Classes, PMC conducted a comprehensive study to analyze the socioeconomic status of the Maratha community within the city.

Initially, the PMC set the survey target at 12.50 lakh families based on income tax payments. However, recognizing the need for a more inclusive approach, the civic body expanded its reach to include slum areas and households with unassessed taxable incomes. With the efforts of around 3,000 employees, the PMC successfully completed the survey, covering over 100 percent of the targeted households.

The survey, initiated in response to the mounting pressure for Maratha reservation, was directed by the government to the State Backward Classes Commission. This comprehensive examination aimed to assess the socioeconomic status of the Maratha community.

Surveys targeting both Maratha and open-category citizens were conducted across the state, with the commission set to submit its report to the government in the coming weeks.

Municipal corporations and councils across the state were entrusted with the responsibility of conducting surveys within their respective jurisdictions. Despite the initial deadline of January 31, the state government granted a three-day extension, acknowledging logistical challenges and accommodating a request from municipal authorities for an additional five days.

Deploying a workforce of 3,050 employees across three phases, the PMC commenced the survey on January 23. Overcoming challenges such as closed houses, refusals for permission, and technical glitches, the survey was completed within the extended timeline. Dr. Chetna Kerure, PMC nodal officer for the Maratha survey, noted, “The survey gradually gained momentum, and our teams overcame initial obstacles to ensure its thorough execution.”

Earlier in January, Manoj Jarange-Patil, along with thousands of Maratha community members, marched aggressively from Lonavala to Mumbai via the Old Mumbai Pune Highway to advocate for their reservation demand. Jarange-Patil concluded his three-day hunger strike on January 27 after the government conceded to the major demands of the community.

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