Pune Municipal Corporation Issues Ultimatum: Embrace STP Water or Halt Construction Activities

Pune Municipal Corporation Gears Up For Disaster Management Ahead Of Monsoon

Pune Municipal Corporation Gears Up For Disaster Management Ahead Of Monsoon

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is adamant about its directive to utilize sewage treatment plant (STP) water for construction purposes. Despite the corporation’s plea, construction professionals have largely ignored the call, with a mere 80 tankers of STP water being requested in recent days. Consequently, Dr. Rajendra Bhosale, the Municipal Commissioner, issued a stark ultimatum on Tuesday, warning that failure to comply with the use of treated water would result in construction halts.

Pune has faced a deficit in rainfall this year, leading to underfilled dams that supply water to the city. Consequently, strategic water planning is imperative.

Residents of villages falling under the Municipal Corporation’s jurisdiction are now facing acute water scarcity, necessitating the provision of water via tankers. This disparity has prompted a surge in complaints to the Municipal Corporation, highlighting the urgent need for action.

In response, the Municipal Commissioner conducted a review meeting of the water supply department to devise a comprehensive plan for water distribution. However, discontent among construction professionals regarding the use of STP water remains palpable, with only a minimal demand for tankers reported. Consequently, the Municipal Corporation has initiated an investigation to trace the sources of water supply for construction activities.

Furthermore, the PMC has imposed restrictions on the PMC Garden Department, mandating the use of STP water exclusively. Additionally, drinking water will no longer be allocated for non-essential purposes, including construction projects and metro works. Violators of these directives may face legal repercussions, emphasizing the Corporation’s determination to enforce compliance.

The issue extends beyond urban areas, with 34 villages grappling with inadequate water supply due to infrastructural limitations. Commissioner Bhosale announced plans for a comprehensive master plan aimed at resolving these water supply challenges in the affected villages.

Despite the absence of water cuts currently, citizens are urged to utilize water judiciously. The impending shutdown of water supply in various parts of Pune underscores the critical need for conservation measures.

Notably, the delay in convening the canal committee meeting, attributed to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, has prompted the Municipal Corporation to take unilateral action on water planning, prioritizing the welfare of citizens amidst electoral considerations.

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