FDA Initiates Month-Long Vigilance Campaign in Pune to Ensure Food Safety

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As temperatures soar, demand for refreshing beverages like juices and ice cream escalates. In response to this seasonal trend, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Pune has launched a comprehensive month-long drive starting from April 2 to closely monitor the operations of juice stalls, ice cream parlors, and similar establishments across the city.

Arjun Bhujbal, the Joint Commissioner of FDA Pune, outlined the objectives of this initiative, emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing the entire supply chain. “During this campaign, we will conduct thorough inspections of juice stalls and ice cream parlors, focusing on aspects such as the quality of ice used, conditions of ice cream factories, and sampling of various products including ice cream, cold drinks, and juices,” he explained to Pune Pulse. 

The drive will continue until May, with instructions for surprise visits to ensure compliance without prior notice.

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