Pune Police identifies 18 hotspots for crime crackdown

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The Pune Police is intensifying efforts to curb crime within the city, unveiling plans to target 18 identified hotspots where criminal activity is prevalent. These areas, primarily situated within the boundaries of circles three, four, five, and two, have been pinpointed by the police as focal points for enhanced law enforcement measures.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Shailesh Balkawade disclosed that a coordinated effort involving the crime branch and local police is underway to conduct comprehensive combing operations in these identified locations.

The initiative follows collaborative efforts between the crime branch and local police over recent days, during which areas with high concentrations of criminal activity were mapped out. While major criminal gangs are currently incarcerated, the city continues to grapple with emerging groups involved in various illicit activities, including illegal weapons possession, juvenile delinquency, illicit trading, vehicle theft, drug trafficking, and petty crimes.

The identification of these 18 major hotspots marks the first phase of the crackdown, with plans for subsequent phases to address smaller areas and implement remedial measures, as outlined by Balkawade. Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime Amol Zende, along with Assistant Commissioners of Police Satish Govekar and Sunil Tambe, will oversee the specialized operations targeting these hotspots.

Combatting the involvement of minors in criminal activities presents a significant challenge for law enforcement. The police, therefore, have intensified efforts to address this issue, including taking stringent measures against parents of juvenile offenders. Recognizing parental neglect as a contributing factor to juvenile delinquency, the police have emphasized counseling and parental accountability as integral components of their strategy.

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