Pune Municipal Corporation Springs into Action Following Chief Minister’s Office Warning

Pune Municipal Corporation Springs into Action Following Chief Minister's Office Warning

Pune Municipal Corporation Springs into Action Following Chief Minister's Office Warning

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Following a stern warning from the office of the Chief Minister, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated a quick response to address a backlog of administrative tasks and citizen complaints. On Tuesday, civic officials convened an urgent meeting to prioritize the resolution of complaints that had accumulated over time. The PMC has been under increasing scrutiny for its perceived sluggishness in addressing citizen grievances during the current administrative tenure.

Former corporators and residents have accused the PMC of neglecting even minor complaints, a sentiment that gained momentum after it was revealed that 141 complaints forwarded by the Chief Minister’s office remained unaddressed. Frustrated with the PMC’s perceived inaction, numerous citizens opted to directly lodge complaints with the CM’s office. Notably, 48 of these complaints were related to issues within the road department, with an additional 25 concerning the construction department. Similar grievances were received from various other departments as well.

Responding to the intervention from the CM’s office, Additional Commissioner Ravindra Binwade took charge of reviewing the complaints. While some progress was made in addressing grievances from the road department, citizens were left in the dark regarding the status of their resolution. Binwade has assured swift action on pending complaints, underscoring the urgency of their resolution.

As the PMC’s current administration approaches its two-year mark, it has faced allegations of mismanagement from both former corporators and citizens. With complaints mounting, the intervention from the CM’s office serves as a rebuke to the PMC’s handling of citizen grievances.

In response, an urgent meeting was convened at the corporation on Monday, led by Additional Commissioner Ravindra Binwade. During the meeting, officials discussed the need to promptly address outstanding complaints, with Binwade stressing the importance of timely resolution. While some complaints forwarded by the Chief Minister’s Office have been resolved, the status of many remains unclear. The PMC has cited delays in receiving complaints and applications via postal services, proposing a plan to deploy staff members to Mumbai weekly to collect submissions from citizens.

The CM’s office has forwarded a list of 127 complaints regarding civic issues to the district magistrate and 14 divisional commissioners, urging prompt action from the PMC. Among these, 49 complaints relate to the roads department, highlighting the urgent need for attention in this area.

Additionally, there are complaints from various other departments, including city engineers, solid waste management, education, water supply, drainage, encroachment, illegal construction, and tax departments.

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