Pune-Nashik Railway Line project should be presented in Cabinet under the Metro Act- Ajit Pawar, DCM

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PUNE: There has been a long-standing demand to complete the Pune-Nashik railway line, which is important for the development of Pune, Nashik, and Ahmednagar districts. In order to complete this project on time, the problems should be removed. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar directed the transport department to bring before the cabinet a proposal to complete the Pune-Nashik railway line under the Metro Act.

Deputy Chief Minister Pawar held a meeting at Mantralaya today regarding the Pune-Nashik greenfield broad gauge high-speed railway line. Mla Atul Benke, Chief Secretary Manoj Saunik, Additional Chief Secretary of Finance Department Nitin Kareer, Principal Secretary of Transport Department Parag Jain, Principal Secretary of Planning Department Saurabh Vijay, Managing Director (Maharail) Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal, and other senior officials were present in the meeting.

Deputy Chief Minister Pawar said that there has been a demand for the last 25 years to build a Pune-Nashik railway line. However, due to various reasons, the railways could not get the job of constructing this route. He, therefore, directed that the proposal to complete this route through ‘Maharail’ under the Metro Act be placed before the Cabinet.

Madhupriya Dhanwate