Pune News : 1400 cusecs of water to be released from Pavana Dam

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Farmers affected by Pavana Dam project threaten to stop water supply to PCMC

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By Pune Pulse

August 3, 2023 

Pune: 1400 cusecs water will be released from Pavana dam on Thursday as the dam is filled to 92.27% per cent of its capacity.

Also, looking at the considerable rainfall in the dam area, there is a high possibility that water will be released from the spillway of the Pavana dam into the Pavana riverbed in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Thus, the irrigation department has advised all the citizens along the Pavana River bank to refrain from entering the river bed. Any water pumps, riverside agricultural implements and similar materials or animals alongside the river banks should be moved immediately. It has also requested to take proper precautions and cooperate with them.

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