Pune News : 2.57 Lakh New Electricity Connections Given in 18 Months in Pune Circle

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Maharashtra State Electricity DIstribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) , the electricity distribution company, has demonstrated remarkable efficiency in providing new electricity connections in the Pune circle. 

Over the course of one and a half years, a staggering 2,56,956 new electricity connections across various categories have been successfully implemented. Among these, the highest number, 2,15,176, were allocated to domestic consumers. Notably, within the last financial year, 1,95,986 new electricity connections were established, with a remarkable surge of 60,970 connections in a mere three months from April to June.

Recognizing the need for accelerated customer service and the provision of new power connections, State Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis emphasized the importance of expediting the process. In response, Chairman and Managing Director of Mahavitaran, Lokesh Chandra, issued directives for prompt action on new electricity connection applications. Additionally, an ample supply of electricity meters has been ensured, with continuous oversight from Sanjay Taksande, the Director (Operation), regarding their availability.

Efficient department-wise reviews, conducted by Chief Engineer Mr. Rajendra Pawar, have significantly expedited the process of providing new electricity connections. As a result, the pace of new connections has increased further, with an impressive 14,866 connections implemented in the last two weeks. Among these, 12,596 were allocated to domestic consumers, while commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other categories received 1,636, 237, 255, and 142 connections, respectively.

Performance of Pune Circle : 2,56,956 new electricity connections in one and a half years
Categories Pune City  Pimpri Chinchwad CityAmbegaon, Junnar, Maval, Khed, Mulshi, Velhe, Haveli talukas
Agriculture and others130514555434

Typically, the Pune circle witnesses the provision of 1.5 to 2.5 lakh new electricity connections annually. However, in the financial year 2022-23, a total of 1,95,986 new connections were established. This included 1,63,166 connections for domestic consumers, 21,988 for commercial purposes, 3,745 for industrial usage, and 3,867 for agricultural needs, along with 3,220 connections in other categories. Since April, the process of new electricity connections has been expedited, resulting in 60,970 connections in the three months leading up to June. Among these, 52,010 were allocated to households, while commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other categories received 6,873, 880, 562, and 545 connections, respectively.

The Pune circle boasts an abundant supply of new electricity meters, and consumers are assured that they do not need to purchase meters from the market. In the event of any complaints or queries regarding new electricity connections, customers are advised to directly contact the Executive Engineer of the relevant department. To ensure continued progress, department-wise reviews of electricity meter availability and new electricity connections are conducted every Monday and Thursday under the supervision of Rajendra Pawar, Chief Engineer of the Pune Circle.