Pune News : Accumulation of sewage water troubles Wagholi residents ; raises health concern

Accumulation of sewage water troubles Wagholi residents
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By: Pune Pulse

September 8, 2023

Pune: Flat owners of Savannah Society in Wagholi are troubled and disgusted because of the daily sewage water entering and accumulating in the society premises.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Chetan Bodkhe, a flat owner at Savannah Society, Wagholi, said, “For a long time, a lot of sewage water keeps entering & keeps accumulating in the society. Currently, the possessions of the flats are yet to be given however, these are not healthy conditions at all. What’s happening is that the current sewage line of the 11 societies at the back of Savannah society & some societies in the front part passes through our society. The line doesn’t have another end from where the sewage water can go outside. Due to this, the sewage water of all the nearby societies keeps entering our society & gets saturated here. We have complained a lot to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) but nothing has happened.”

Kailas Awchar, another resident at Savannah Society, Wagholi said, “Sewage water has been coming in and building up in the society. The flats haven’t been given out yet, but it’s not a good situation. What’s going on is that the sewage line from the 11 societies in the back of Savannah and some in the front part goes through our society. There’s no other way for the sewage water to go out, so all the sewage water from the nearby societies keeps coming in and getting saturated here. There is a Nala behind the society. So, if the sewage line is extended with its other end towards the Nala, then the entire sewage water will flow into the Nala.”

Pradip Gaikwad, a flat owner at Savannah Society, Wagholi said, “Due to no other way for sewage water to be drained, it keeps entering our society. Also, it seems that other nearby societies are not using their Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) properly. Along with raising complaints to the PMC, we also have raised complaints on social media. But nothing has happened as of now.”

Abhijit Chatterjee, a resident of Savannah Society, Wagholi said, “These are such dire straits that no one can even think about living here. Sewage water has accumulated a lot over here. If the situation isn’t resolved by the builder, we must get a refund so that we can go away from here.”

Shridhar Yeolekar, Superintending Engineer, PMC Sewerage Department said, “We have understood the situation & will now go to the location & inspect it.”

Ashok Pawar, MLA, NCP Party, said “As of now, we haven’t received a letter from the residents. Once they approach us, we will hear them out & look into it.”

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