Pune News: Chakan MIDC Industries Call for Urgent Development Plan Amid Lack Of Facilities

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Chakan, the highest revenue-generating MIDC for the Indian government in the form of GST, plays a crucial role in driving economic growth. Despite its significance, Chakan MIDC is facing challenges due to the absence of adequate facilities and infrastructure, leaving the area lagging in terms of development.

Jaidev Akkalkote, the President of Chakan MIDC, stresses that the area deserves ‘Five Star’ standard facilities, but there is currently no clear blueprint for its development. Consequently, Chakan MIDC struggles with inadequate infrastructure.

The proposed road widening of major highways like Chakan-Talegaon-Shikrapur and Bhosari-Nashik has exacerbated traffic congestion, leading to daily traffic jams that severely affect entrepreneurs and workers. Commuting just a ten-kilometer distance to and from companies now takes at least two hours, resulting in a fifth-degree traffic jam. The dream of a flyover, grade separator, and an important airport along the highway remains unrealized.

Moreover, the area faces inconsistent electricity supply, with only four hours of lighting per day and frequent breakdowns. This lack of reliable infrastructure has taken a toll on the entrepreneurial class, leading some to consider moving their businesses out of the state. If industries leave the state, the entire industrial sector could collapse.

Jaidev Akkalkote appeals to State Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Industries Minister, and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to urgently prepare and implement a comprehensive development plan for Chakan MIDC. He suggests establishing a committee with an independent development officer and representation from entrepreneurs to ensure effective planning and execution.

Akkalkote warns that without swift action, Chakan MIDC may suffer a fate similar to the Foxconn-Vedanta project, worth Rs 1.5 lakh crore, which moved to Gujarat due to the state government’s careless approach. The urgent need for a well-structured development plan cannot be overstated, as it would determine the future growth and prosperity of the area.

Shreyas Vange