Pune News : Encroachments, unauthorised parking becomes nightmare for Bavdhan Residents

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By: Pune Pulse

July 24, 2023

Pune: The residents of several areas of Bavdhan are worried as fruit and vegetable sellers occupy the footpaths leading to lesser spaces for people to walk. It is worthy to note that a dedicated ground has been allotted for these vendors. However, they install their thelas on the roadside. Additionally, customers also park their vehicles haphazardly due to no dedicated parking spaces. As a result, smooth movement of traffic is hampered in the area.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Roopa Baliga, a resident of TT Road in Bavdhan said, ” When we take a turn to reach the society where I stay, carts of vegetables, fruit sellers and other vendors are parked there violating traffic rules. As a result, the roads become narrower making it difficult for us to enter our society. Also, there is no P1 and P2 parking system which further deteriorates the situation.”

Vaishali Gurjar, a resident of LMD Chowk, Bavdhan said, ” Every day, vendors install their carts on footpaths and encroach it making it difficult for people to walk. Instead of using pedestrian walking species, people especially kids and elders risk their lives by walking on the road. So, the issue needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. Additionally, I think a proper parking system must be created to ensure people do not park anywhere.”

Deepak Khandelwal, a resident of LMD Chowk, Bavdhan said, ” There are dedicated spaces for the vegetable and fruit vendors to install their carts on the ground in Bavdhan. However, they intentionally carry out businesses on the footpaths instead of doing it on the grounds. As a result, walking on the rods has become a nightmare for the citizens. Also, there must be a proper P1 and P2 parking system as people simply park their vehicles anywhere which leads to traffic jams.”

C S Krishnan, Member of Bavdhan Citizens Forum said, “Most of the vendors either occupy the footpath or parking areas and customers haphazardly park their vehicles, narrowing the road, resulting in traffic congestion. We need a ‘No Parking’ sign board at selected spots and also P1 and P2 parking systems are required. In certain places, we need to have speed breakers for safety.”

Kedar Vaze, Junior Engineer, PMC Kothrud Division said, “As of now, we haven’t received suggestions/instructions from the traffic department regarding P1 and P2 boards. Hence, those haven’t been installed yet. Also, we are constantly taking strict action against footpath encroachers every Wednesday & Saturday.”

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