Pune News: Enough stock available to battle Conjunctivitis, clarifies FDA Pune

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By: Pune Pulse

August 9, 2023

Pune: Amidst a spurt in the cases of Conjunctivitis, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Pune has clarified that they have enough stock of medicines to battle Conjunctivitis.

As per information, this comes after several people complained about the lack or non-availability of adequate medicines for Conjunctivitis in pharmacies or medical shops.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Shyam Pratapvar, Assistant Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration, Pune said, “So far, we have not received any complaints of non-availability of medicines. In case of any such complaints, these medicines will be made available to the patients on priority from the neighbouring districts or the central FDA department.”

Dr Aarati Desai, Ophthalmic Surgeon in Sahakar Nagar, Pune, has given valuable information and guidance about the causes/symptoms of eye diseases and precautions to tackle them. She informed that Conjunctivitis is an acute eye infection usually caused by viruses like Adenovirus or certain bacteria. It can occur with symptoms of a respiratory infection such as fever, sore throat and cold. It is highly contagious and can spread from one person to another through hand, eye contact or objects that are contaminated with the infectious virus. Having contact with infectious tears, eye discharge or respiratory discharges can contaminate hands.

The most common risk factors in this are:

1.      Contact with a known case of conjunctivitis e.g. family members

2.      People visiting crowded areas such as schools, colleges, malls, offices etc

It has been observed in this current scenario of outbreak of conjunctivitis that the causative organism is highly contagious and seems to be spreading at an alarming rate. Hence, here are some common tips for self-care and preventing the spread:

1.      Avoid visiting crowded areas and isolation of affected individuals for 5-7 days

2.      Avoid touching eyes with hands

3.      Wash hands with soap and water frequently

4.      Use clean towels

5.      Wash clothes daily

6.      Don’t share eye care or personal items

7.      Clean eyeglasses and discontinue the use of contact lenses

Dr Desai has also urged everyone not to self-medicate and people must visit their eye doctors at the earliest if any eye infection is detected.

Shreyas Vange