Pune News: Entry To Tourists In Madhe Ghat Banned For 60 Days. Check Details Here.

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By: Pune Pulse

July 20, 2023

Pune: To ensure the safety of the tourists, Bhor Sub-Divisional Magistrate Rajendra Kachre has issued a strict prohibition order, disallowing tourists from entering the Madhe Ghat waterfall area with the help of ropes for the next 60 days. The waterfall is located in the Velha taluka’s Kelad-Bhordi village limits.

As the region relies on rainwater, authorities have observed certain organizations and event organizers facilitating tourists to descend from the upper part of the flowing waterfall to the valley below, using ropes that span from 200 to 300 feet. Due to the potential risks associated with such activities, including a high probability of accidents and loss of life, all activities conducted with the help of ropes in the waterfall area are now expressly prohibited.

The authorities will levy fines on organizing bodies and participating tourists who violate this order. Furthermore, individuals found disregarding the prohibition may face legal action under Section 188 of the Code 1908, the Disaster Management Act 2005, and relevant sections of the Forest Act.

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