Pune News : Focus on your food pattern when you are in stress 

It has become a habit for many to start snacking when they’re stressed. And given that stress has become such a constant companion in our day-to-day hassles, it is necessary to realize whether the food we snack on actually provides any real-time benefits or not.

Clinical Dietician Urvi Oza of Diet & Wellness Clinic says that most of the food we eat to deal with stress only ends up making us feel guilty and anxious. 

“They give temporary relief but permanent consequences” were her words. 

The guilt of eating too much and the anxiety of gaining weight only add more to our psychological stress, while the biological consequences are much more grave.

Foods like alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed food, fried food, foods containing preservatives and artificial sweeteners only add more risk to our health. 

Alcohol and caffeine are only temporary stimulants. Artificial sweeteners and preservative foods too only expose our bodies to foreign ingredients. But due to the vast availability of them in the market as well as their taste value, these foodstuffs are largely consumed without the proper knowledge of the side effects they cause.

Dr. Oza adds that instead of these options fermented products like sauerkraut and kombucha should be consumed as natural stress relievers.

Dry fruits and nuts to are healthy options that are easy to snack on and have nutritional value. 

Fruits and vegetables help increase Vitamin B & C in our diet as well as promote anti-oxidants in our bodies, which helps create a metabolism that eradicates harmful and unnecessary substances.

With such healthy options available, it is only fruitful for us to slowly start switching to foods that actually act as stress relievers.

Shriya Simran Pradhan

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