Pune News: Hinjawadi residents grapple with encroachment and sewage issues near Megapolis 

Pune News: Hinjawadi residents grapple with encroachment and sewage issues near Megapolis

Pune News: Hinjawadi residents grapple with encroachment and sewage issues near Megapolis

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3 June 2024

Priyanshi Mutkekar 

Pune- The residents of Megapolis Society situated in Hinjawadi, Phase 3 have recently started facing issues like encroachments on the footpath, and sewage issues. A few alert residents had also taken to X regarding this problem. “The entire road was closed owing to metro construction for around 10 days and now that it has been dug up again, it still cannot be accessed due to the growing encroachments on the footpath. 

People are forced take a longer route as the road remains blocked. They also dispose garbage in the same area, which results in cleanliness and hygiene issues”, expressed one resident of Megapolis Splendour. There is a food court located near the encroachment which makes it avoidable.

Apart from encroachment, there is also a sewage canal that runs right in front of Megapolis Splendour which is a matter of concern for the society. “The drain problem has risen mainly because untreated water flows through it. As the canal is uncovered, it provides a habitat for mosquitoes which will gradually result in the spread of diseases. It is also a source of foul smell in front of the main entrance. This has been going on for a while now”, elaborated another resident of Megapolis.

It seems Megapolis Splendour is facing such issues while the residents of Megapolis Sunway, which is located quite a distance from the encroachment-affected area, are not aware of these problems yet. 

As Hinjawadi comes under Gram Panchayat, the Former Sarpanch, Vikram Sakhre has stated, “The PMRDA is delaying land approval for the setup of STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) near Megapolis which is worsening the condition. They’re giving away a significant portion of land for the construction of buildings yet they have not provided enough to set up STP which will ensure proper sewage treatment. As far as the encroachment is concerned, we are trying to connect with MIDC officials, we have already submitted a few letters to them regarding this. It seems one day, they come for inspection without taking any further action. We are still awaiting their response on this matter”.

Recently, the residents of Blue Ridge Township situated in Hinjawadi Phase 1 conducted a silent march praying for the wellbeing of Mula River as it is the sole source of drinking water for around 15000 residents. Residents had faced bloodworm contamination in the water circulated throughout the society. It was caused mainly due to improper functioning of STP along with the ongoing construction activities. Hinjewadi is also marred with issues related to traffic, metro construction, growth of river hyacinth, and the supply of untreated water.