Pune News: International human rights activists launch harmony campaign for pet owners and residents

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Pune: A group of people representing International Human Rights and Crime Control Organisation have launched a new campaign to foster greater understanding and cooperation between pet owners and residents of housing societies in Pune. The campaign, “Pet Owners – Activist and Resident Paradise,” has been organized by a team of volunteers led by Bharat Panjabi, the organizing secretary for Maharashtra state. The campaign comes in response to the recent controversy surrounding stray dogs in the Bramha Suncity society in Wadgaonsheri, which has caused tension and friction between residents and pet owners in the area. The organizers of this initiative hope to promote greater unity and harmony between members of every society, regardless of their stance on pet ownership.

“Each one is important, and everyone has the right to live in harmony,” said Bharat Panjabi. “We, the volunteers have come together to create awareness amongst parents and kids, encouraging them to love dogs and respect them. Many parents often tell their children to be careful around dogs, warning them that the animals may bite. This can create a sense of fear and panic in children, causing them to run away when they encounter a dog, which in turn can make the animal suspicious and more likely to give them a chase. Therefore, we want to change that narrative,” Panjabi added.

He also said, “We want to help people understand that dogs are not naturally aggressive and that with the right training and socialization, they can be wonderful companions and even protectors. We want to encourage people to embrace pet ownership and to work together to create a safe and harmonious environment for all members of our communities,” he added.

The campaign will involve a series of educational programs and community events, including workshops on responsible pet ownership, dog training, and animal welfare. The organizers hope to work closely with local authorities and animal welfare organizations to promote greater awareness of the benefits of pet ownership and to provide support and resources to pet owners and residents alike.

Mrunal Jadhav