Pune News : Kondhwa Budruk Residents Battle Foul Smell, Health Hazards From Scrap Garbage Trucks Parked In Amenity Space

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By: Pune Pulse

July 14, 2023

Pune: Several garbage trucks filled with waste are parked in the amenity space of R Euphoria Society, HM Royal Society and a lot of nearby societies leading to health hazards among the residents. Additionally, the foul smell emanating from these garbage trucks has also become a cause of concern. It has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects which has sparked fear of disease amongst them.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, AH Balbhatti, Resident, R Euphoria Society, Kondhwa Budruk, said, ” The garbage trucks are parked here. The waste in it is not at all disposed of. As it is the rainy season, a lot of water is also getting accumulated in these trucks leading to a foul smell. It has also become a health hazard for the people living in nearby areas. The amenity space is for the benefit of residents in the area. However, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is misusing it.”

Chhabil Patel, Founder of Kondhwa Vikas Aghadi, said, ” The amenity space is being used illegally by the PMC. The contractors appointed by PMC misuse their power and park these garbage vehicles here. On the opposite side, there is a school where around 5,000 students study. It poses a health hazard to them as well. Hence, the PMC should immediately remove the vehicles from the areas. Also, if the PMC fails to do so then the residents will organize mass protests and go on a hunger strike.”

Abdul Wahab, Resident of R Euphoria Society, Kondhwa Budruk said, ” We have been facing this issue since last month. The parked vehicles have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. We can’t keep our windows and doors open as a lot of mosquitoes enter our house. Also, the trucks are not cleaned and a lot of garbage is also present inside which poses a lot of health issues due to the foul smell.”

Dilawar Sayyed, President of Social Democratic Party of India, Pune said, ” PMC is misusing the amenity space given to nearby societies. The garbage vehicles are parked illegally here. The residents have paid huge amounts of money to get their dream house. Still, despite having amenity spaces, the residents are not getting anything but only health hazards from them. Hence, I request PMC to immediately remove the vehicles otherwise we will go on a hunger strike.”

Alamgir Jamadar, Head, Kondhwa Budruk Co-operative Housing Society Association, said,  ” This survey number 18 & 19 is 10 years old. No development is done here. Instead of any chances of development, a headache has come in the form of garbage vehicles being parked in the amenity space. A lot of waste just keeps accumulating in these vehicles. Nobody is there to attend & clean it. During rain, due to water accumulation, the danger of serious diseases looms every day.”

As per information from Alamgir Jamadar, along with R Euphoria & HM Royal Societies, the amenity space of other societies in Kondhwa Budruk like Eisha Basila, Gulmohar Horizon, Kumar Palms, Alcon Signature, Shobha Orion, Capricorn Green Park, Notting Hills, Shobha Granate, Global Rivera & others have not been developed since several years & are just lying there unattended.

Pune Pulse tried to contact the relevant PMC officials but they were not available for comment till the report was filed.

Shreyas Vange 

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