Pune News: Leopard spotted near Kalyan Darwaza of Sinhagad Fort

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By: Pune Pulse

July 18, 2023

Pune: A leopard was spotted in Mordari village near the Kalyan Darwaza of Sinhagad Fort in Pune on Monday evening, July 17. However, as per information, the leopard just came till the Kalyan Darwaza and went back to the forest.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Pradip Sankpal, Pune Range Forest Officer said, “The leopard was spotted on Monday evening. A person who was near the Mordari village captured the video of the leopard. The leopard did not attack anyone. It is a forest area, the leopard did nothing & went back into the forest.”

Sankpal further informed that as soon as the forest team received the information, they immediately rushed to the spot and were prepared for further action. However, the leopard did nothing and simply went back into the forest. There is nothing to worry about at all.”

Shreyas Vange