Pune News : Magarpatta City Residents Express Concern Over Traffic Disruption & Noise Pollution Due To Heavy Vehicles

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By: Pune Pulse

July 7, 2023

Pune: The residents of several societies of Magarpatta are in distress as a lot of heavy vehicles enter the area despite putting height barricades for their no entry. As a result, traffic is disrupted at various places while also increasing noise levels even during nighttime.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Vijay Bijjargi, a resident of Magarpatta said, “After the Magarpatta – Koregaon Park bridge has opened, a lot of trucks and other heavy vehicles have started entering on the road leading to Noble Hospital. As it’s a narrow road, heavy vehicles shouldn’t be coming at all. Barricades are also present but still, some heavy vehicles tend to break/damage them & just pass through. It hinders the smooth traffic flow on that route every day. A majority of the heavy vehicles travel on that route during nighttime which causes a lot of inconvenience to the nearby residents due to the loud honking of horns etc. Also, up to 2 to 2:30 am, the noise is unbearable which hampers our sleep.”

A resident of Magarpatta, requesting anonymity said, “Heavy vehicles shouldn’t be allowed on the road. They still enter despite a ban on them, sometimes breaking the barricades. There is no proper inspection of that route. Every night we are facing disturbances like honking noises and more. No solution has been created for this.”

Nishit Gulyani, Resident, Jasminium Society, Magarpatta said, “We are facing this issue for 2 to 3 months. Even after putting height barricades on the Magarpatta-Noble Hospital road, heavy vehicles still enter the narrow road by breaking/damaging the barricades. Traffic flow is disturbed, noise pollution is created & many more problems arise due to this.”

Manish Singh, Resident, of Jasminium Society, Magarpatta said, “Since the road is narrow, it is certain that heavy vehicles aren’t supposed to come. Also, high barricades are installed to ban their entry. But who’s following the rules? So, heavy vehicles keep entering the vicinity. Noise pollution, traffic disruption etc is faced by us every day.”

Deepak Ajmera, Resident, Jasminium Society, Magarpatta said, “Heavy vehicles keep entering through the narrow road at night time despite barricades that ban their entry. Loud honking at night time, traffic flow and more have become daily problems now.”

Sunil Jadhav, Police Inspector, Hadapsar Traffic Division said, “The traffic police is planning to install 2 very strong barricades on that route. Also, 5 traffic wardens will be appointed on that route soon.”

Shreyas Vange