Pune News : Massive Fire Incident Engulfs Car Near Punawale Bridge

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Pune – A massive fire engulfed a four-wheeler vehicle traveling towards Mumbai on the morning of July 15. The incident occurred on a bridge near Punawale, raising concerns for the safety of the passengers and nearby infrastructure.

The Thergaon fire department of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) received information about the vehicle fire at approximately 8:40 am on July 15. Responding promptly, the fire department reached the scene and successfully extinguished the flames. Fortunately, all four occupants of the vehicle managed to exit safely, and no casualties were reported.

Thankfully, the fire did not cause any damage to other vehicles, the road, or nearby structures such as streetlights. In order to ensure a smooth firefighting operation, traffic was temporarily halted on the bridge. However, normalcy has now been restored, and the situation is under control.

The exact cause of the fire is currently unknown, and investigations will be conducted to determine the factors that led to this incident.

The swift response of the Thergaon fire department played a crucial role in averting a potentially disastrous situation. Their prompt action and efficient firefighting techniques prevented the fire from spreading and causing further harm.

Shreyas Vange