Pune News : MLA Chetan Tupe raises concerns of Keshav Nagar residents in assembly 

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The MLA of Hadapsar constituency Chetan Vitthal Tupe Patil, has raised a tough question in the Legislative Assembly regarding the payment of taxes by the people of Keshavnagar. He pointed out that the people of Keshavnagar are suffering from the arbitrary administration of Pune Municipal Corporation, and they do not receive basic municipal facilities like roads, water, and proper traffic management.

The residents of Keshav nagar have come together to form a forum and have started a movement to stop paying Pune Municipal Corporation Tax as they believe they are not receiving any benefits from it. MLA Patil has questioned the administration of Pune Municipal Corporation and has asked the state government to order the corporation to fill the backlog and provide basic facilities to Keshavnagar.

“The people of Keshavnagar, like any other citizen of Pune, are honestly paying taxes, and it is the responsibility of the Pune Municipal Corporation to provide them with basic amenities in return. The state government needs to take appropriate action to ensure that the people of Keshavnagar receive the necessary facilities, and their tax payments are justified” said Chetan Vitthal Tupe, MLA Hadapsar constituency. 

“I think that this is great that the matter has received some attention. We have been trying it for a very long time to get some attention from authorities and the Government and we hope that this is converted into actions and not just on papers or in talks and we get the basic necessities like road, water, reduced traffic congestions, lights etc” stated Chaitanya Sharma, Resident and Member of Keshav Nagar Welfare Association.

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