Pune News : MNS activists meet PMC Commissioner over cutting down of Sandalwood trees in NIBM campus

Kondhwa: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is facing a difficult decision regarding the proposal by National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) at NIBM Road to cut down a large number of sandalwood trees on the premises. The proposal was made by the NIBM institute to combat frequent theft of these valuable trees.

However, the proposal has met with strong opposition from environment activists and concerned citizens who argue that the felling of these trees sends the wrong message about the city’s commitment to tree conservation.

In response to the proposal, a representation from the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (NIBM Branch) met PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar appealing that the proposal should not be approved or there will be a strong agitation against the decision.

“As there are number of trees in the NIBM premises, NIBM had sought permission from PMC for cutting down the trees as the number of robbery cases had increased. In this regard we had met PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar for not allowing cutting of trees as this is against the nature. As we requested that NIBM should increase the security, install CCTV cameras, etc. We had also filed RTI to understand the number of trees present in the campus,” said Rohan Gaikwad, Branch head of MNS, NIBM.

“In NIBM institute there are Sandalwood trees, as these trees gets chopped and then stolen, the administration had made an appeal to PMC to allow it to cut down the trees. Cutting the trees is not a solution they should increase the security,” said Vasant More, MNS leader.

The sandalwood trees are highly valued and frequently targeted by thieves, cutting them is not the right option. Instead, it has been suggested that NIBM should increase security measures to protect the trees.

“We have given them permission to cut down the trees a month ago, as they had sought for permission. As the place is private and according to law if there is any harm then permission could be granted, said Ashok Ghorpade, Head of Garden Department.

Mrunal Jadhav 

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