Pune News : NCP holds protest against gas price hike 

In a strong show of protest, the Pune City Nationalist Congress Party, had organized a demonstration against the central government’s decision to increase the price of gas cylinders by Rs.50. 

The protest took place today at Pune-Satara Road City Pride Chowk, where a large number of women and citizens gathered to voice their opposition to the price hike.

The President of the Pune City Nationalist Women Congress, along with Divisional Women Presidents and other women office bearers and activists, led the protest and highlighted how the increase in the price of gas cylinders would affect the common citizens, especially housewives who are already struggling to make ends meet.

As the movement gained momentum, women and citizens passing by on the road spontaneously participated in the protest and expressed strong reactions to the central government’s decision. The protest was a show of solidarity by the Pune City Nationalist Congress Party Women’s wing against the central government’s price hike, and it sends a clear message that the common people are not willing to bear the brunt of the government’s decisions.

“Pune City NCP Mahila Congress Party held protest against Central Government’s Gas Cylinder price increase. We are here to oppose this decision and we will do this protest again if the price hike does not reduce,” Santosh Nagare, NCP.  

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