Pune News : Occupancy certificate not necessary for deemed conveyance for societies across Maharashtra

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Pune: Deemed Conveyance is a necessary legal process which enables a society to get legal title and ownership of land, developing rights and to make entries in the government’s records. 

But housing societies need not necessarily possess occupancy certificates for applying and receiving deemed conveyance, informed the state cooperative department officials recently. The government resolution passed in 2018 was issued to expedite the deemed conveyance process for societies across Maharashtra but many societies are still unaware about this.

Here the housing societies can submit a self declaration form, assuring that the society would pay the dues and get the occupational certificate later from the local authorities.

To raise this awareness among the societies, the District Co-operative Housing Societies Federation is conducting an awareness program for housing societies. 

According to Section 11 of the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulations of The Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) Act (MOFA), 1963 is necessary for builders to convey the title of the land and building, to the cooperative housing society.

Suhas Patwardhan, president, Pune District Cooperative housing society federation said, “We jointly with Co-operative Housing Societies are conducting the drive to create awareness of the need to get the deemed conveyance to housing societies. Also help them with explaining the procedure to get it issued. On a daily basis we are having an awareness drive and societies do approach our office. As OC is not required, there are few other documents which need to be submitted.”

Sanjeevan Sangle, Chairman of Chikhali-Moshi Co-operative Housing Societies’ Federation, said, “We conduct seminars in this regard to make societies aware of the deemed conveyance. Then help them with the process, explain to them about the necessary documents, with the help of our legal team and Cooperative Societies officers. Legal team helps to collect the necessary documents, the federation helps housing societies to apply for it and get the necessary procedures done. This time too we will be conducting the seminar on February 25, in fact we have helped 134 societies to get their deemed conveyance.”

“Housing societies approached us for getting the deemed conveyance. Since the last two years we have been taking this drive to spread awareness to housing societies to get the deemed conveyance issued. Almost 1000 housing societies of PCMC have been issued their deemed conveyance compared to it the count earlier was 5-6 societies. We help the housing societies with the procedures of documentation and also make an advocate available if required,” said Dattatray Deshmukh, chairman of Pimpri-Chinchwad Co-operative Housing Societies Federation Ltd

List of documents housing societies needs to submit to get deemed conveyance 

  1. Stamp duty proof Index-II / Agreements
  2. Layout plan (Blue Prints of all plans)
  3. Completion Certificate
  4. Commencement Certificate
  5. N.A. Order
  6. Latest 7/12 Extract/Property Card
  7. Development Agreement & Power of Attorney
  8. Society’s GB Resolution for Deemed Conveyance/Conveyance Deed
  9. Notice to Builder for Conveyance Deed
  10. Society Registration Certificate
  11. Search Title Report

Mrunal Jadhav