Pune News : Pack of stray dogs attack 8 year old boy at Bramha Suncity in Wadgaon Sheri

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An 8 year old boy was badly bitten by a pack of stray dogs in the Wadgaon Sheri’s Bramha Suncity. The society earlier held a protest stating that there are 80 strays animals in the society which has around 1300 flats. 

Over 100 residents gathered at the Yerwada police station to report about the incident and seek help from the police in getting the dogs removed from the premises.

The aggravated members of the society recently took to the social media on January 26 this year, raising the menace caused by these stray dogs in the society. 

Darshana Mazumdar, Founder, Ahinsaland Foundation told Pune Pulse that she is ready to volunteer and provide help to the residents on how to manage the stray dogs. She said, “We must learn to co-exist. People should make such stray dogs friendly only then human animal conflict will be in control. It is very unfortunate that a pack of stray dog has bitten a young boy so badly. 

When Pune Pulse contacted Dr Sarika Funde, in-charge, veterinary department informed that it was just recently that the sterilisation of the stray dogs from the society took place. The pack of stra dog which has bitten the boy has been picked up by PMC already and is kept under observation.

A resident of the society informed that hardly one or two dogs were taken for the sterilisation and vaccination recently.

Divya Singh, a dog feeder from the society stated that out of 75 dogs, 70 dogs have been sterilised and four dogs are lactating mothers who cannot be sterilised. PMC is supporting us greatly in sterilising and vaccinating them. Today’s, incident is truly unfortunate.

Saroj Sopalkar, animal activist from Wadgaonsheri Animal Saviours who told Pune Pulse that there are over 370 dogs from Wadgaonsheri have been sterilised and vaccination. People taking care of the dogs must be supported as they are making these stray animals friendly. Sterilisation and vaccination can happen only when the stray animals are made friendly.

The residents sought help from former corporator Yogesh Mulik from Wadgaonsheri area who stated that the residents are demanding that the stray dogs should be moved out of the society in the PMC’s center in Mundhwa.

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