Pune News : Power Outage Leaves NIBM Road And Kausarbaugh Residents in Dark for 7 Hours

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Residents of NIBM Road, NIBM-Undri Road, and Kausarbaugh in Pune have been facing significant challenges in their daily activities as a power outage, lasting for 7 hours, continues to disrupt their lives since 3 AM on July 26.

Notably, the power supply has been cut off for residents of Kumar Parijat, Kumar Pushpak, NIBM Road (Good Shepherd Church Lane), Sarvodaya Society, and Kumar Pragati.

One resident from Kumar Parijat reported that the power outage initially occurred at 3 AM on July 26, and although it was briefly restored at 7.20 AM for a mere 10 minutes, it went off again at 7.30 AM and has not returned since. Similarly, another resident from NIBM-Undri Road expressed frustration over the continuous interruption of power supply since early morning.

Upon inquiry, the Public Relations Officer of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) Nishikant Raut attributed the outage to possible cable damage caused by moisture. Assurances were given that the power supply should be restored within the next hour.

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